BFS (Blow Fill Seal) Inspection

HDI-12+DL clean

HDI-12+DL for BFS containers

Plastic BFS Container Inspection

Nikka Densok HDI Series Pinhole Inspector is designed for the inspection of Blow Fill Seal (BFS) and other plastic containers. The machine design includes inspection capabilities for card form (multiple containers in strip form) or individual container formats. The non-destructive high voltage inspection provides increased inspection performance for secondary mold areas, container seams and seals.

Click HDI Brochure 2015 for more information

 HDI-01 Features:

  • In-line capabilities with Nikka Densok Auto Loader System
  • Inspection speeds of up to 300 vials per minute
  • Easy size part changeover for various container formats
  • Optional Data Logger available
  • Inspection of individual vials or card format
  • Inspection of card format up to 150mm wide
  • Auto-loader option for continuous in-line inspection